Leading edge product development company established in 1995 by Karel Caslavsky.

C-Tek Consulting Inc. provides a wide range of engineering solutions to numerous customers, taking their product ideas all the way from concept to market. Although primarily an engineering firm, we work closely with a few industrial designers to offer complete product design development service.

We offer product conceptualization and visualization, photo renderings, virtual prototyping, detailed design and engineering analyses. We also specialize in complex 3D modeling - no matter how amorphous your shape is, we can reproduce it.

Utilizing leading edge CAD technology with its powerful parametric features: Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/DESIGNER and CDRS running on powerful NT and UNIX workstations, we can achieve the fastest turnaround possible as well as design flexibility.

The key feature of our work is high quality integrated 3D models, which can be used, depending on the product development stage, for photo realistic renderings, engineering analyses (structural FEA, kinematics), manufacturing analyses (optimizing design for molding), building rapid prototypes and finally production kick-off.

We work closely with our clients from day one either on-site or off-site making the communication and collaboration with them our top priority.